Bing has announced today that it is launching a new feature called the News Carousel in Bing News. The idea behind this feature is to make it easier for users to explore people, places and things that they are interested in through an easy to use and visual carousel format. This new feature is powered by Bing’s Satori technology, which lets the search engine get a deeper understanding of the people, places and things around us and the relationships between them.

When a user searches for a notable person, say Taylor Swift, in current events they will not only see the latest and top news available online, they will also be displayed a visual carousel at the top of the page. The carousel will display important and timely topics which are related to that particular notable personality. Furthermore, on the right hand side of the page related people that the user might have an interest in will be displayed, they will only be displayed because of sort kind of relationship they have with the personality that was the original query. The news articles index has also been extended beyond two weeks at Bing News. Give the new visual carousel a spin and let us know what you think about it.

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