Long before Google I/O 2013 took place it was being rumored that the company will announce Nexus 5 at the conference. It did not, rather we were treated to a ‘Google Edition’ Samsung Galaxy S4. The hardware is all Samsung, the only difference is that the software will be unadulterated Android OS. Just today HTC finally announced its own ‘Nexus Experience’ HTC One, which too comes with stock Android. Many people have been wondering what the availability of stock Android devices from other manufacturers means for Nexus devices. Google has confirmed that it will continue to make Nexus hardware, this should put the speculation to rest.

The confirmation was made by Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Apps at Google. He says that the goal behind Nexus was to “guide the ecosystem.” When asked if the company plans on making new Nexus hardware, Sundar replied “That will continue as well.” These comments were made by him at the D11 conference earlier today. Rumors of new smartphones and Nexus tablets are already coming in every other day, hopefully we’ll see these products materializing soon.

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