Today, Google will start its Google I/O 2013 conference with a massive 3-hour keynote. You can watch it live from the embed above and follow the whole thing in HD. We will update this page as we go.

We expect Google to Announce an Android 4.3 update obviously, but we know from hardware folks that Google TV will also have a few interesting updates as well. There’s also a Google Play music update that could bring music streaming to Android users and finally don’t forget that Google tends to launch new hardware at the show, so developers are bracing for a possible Nexus 4 smartphone update, a Nexus 7 tablet update.

Which ones will come true? We’ll know soon enough!


Fused Location provider announced: this method of gathering location information will consume less than 1% of the battery per hour, this is so much better than the regular GPS.

Geo-Fencing API launched: this lets users and developers setup “zones” and crossing them can trigger some kind of notification or events.

Google Play Game Services: Cloud save lets developers save game status to the cloud. Google also has achievements and awards/leaderboards. This allows small publishers to have these features in their games. There is also a multi-player components to this so that developers don’t have to deal with all the networking stuff. This will work on cross-platform as well.

Android Studio and other developer tools have been demonstrated. They make developers life easier and aim at boosting their productivity.

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