gt6pageIt was just at the end of last week when we brought you word on the Gran Turismo 6 trailer, and it seems that the game itself is shaping up pretty nicely, as the good people over at Sony have already introduced a new product page for Gran Turismo 6 (which seems to be missing for now). While the game itself has remain unannounced as at press time, it seems that the all but inevitable sequel is good and ready in the pipeline, and hopefully enough time will be spent polishing it to make the game ready for the masses with as little issues as possible.

Obviously, the Gran Turismo 6 page on Sony’s site remains blank as at press time, but at the very least, this is an unofficial official (if there is such a thing) confirmation of the game’s existence. Needless to say, Gran Turismo 6 remains one of the most poorly guarded secrets in Sony’s history, where whispers of a new version has been on the rumor mills since August 2012, and who knows, it might even be announced at a 15th anniversary event in the UK just a few hours from now. No idea on whether it will arrive on the PS3 if it is officially announced, or will it be a PS4 exclusive? We just hope that more official information can be released in due time as the suspense is definitely killing us!

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