gta-psRockstar knows that having a strong back catalog of solid video games which have stood the test of time is one surefire way of making a quick buck, as it is one cow that is worth milking many times over. Just take a look at Nintendo and their library of games and you will know what I mean. As gamers look forward to GTA 5, here we are with information that Rockstar will be making use of their Grand Theft Auto franchise, namely the first two Grand Theft Auto games, where they will release it to the general populace on the following platforms – the PSP, PS Vita and PS3, with the first GTA having picked up a Mature rating, while GTA2 was on the receiving end of a more lenient Teen rating.

Other than that, it seems that nothing definitive has been revealed from anyone at Rockstar concerning these ESRB ratings, as the ESRB themselves could be said to have jumped the gun considering neither game shows up any more. Perhaps Rockstar is waiting for a far better time to make an announcement with the recent GTA V trailer revealed, no?

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