iphonecheapios7_CWe’ve heard a variety of iPhone rumors in the past, with one of them suggesting that Apple could launch an iPhone mini, supposedly a cheaper version of the iPhone intended for emerging markets. While there are rumors of a low-budget iPhone, many are wondering what such a device could look like and thanks to designer Martin Hajek, he has cooked up his own rendition of the iPhone mini complete with iOS 7 on top. The iOS 7 he has imposed in his design is actually a concept by Damaso Benitez, which is Benitez’s take on what iOS 7 could look like if it really went with a “flat” look which is what the rumors are saying at this point. Hajek’s concept doesn’t look too bad, although we can’t help but think that it resembles the iPod nano more than the iPhone. What do you guys think? Could you get aboard this iPhone mini design with the new version of iOS 7 running on it? Talk about a major revamp!

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