omnivision-ov2724While some of our phones feature pretty impressive cameras at the back that snap some beautiful photos, let’s face it, the front-facing cameras on our phones do leave a little something to be desired. Well if you ever saw the need or wished that your phone had the ability to webcam with friends or family in Full HD 1080p, you might be in luck as Omnivision has unveiled a new sensor, the OV2724, which squeezes a 1080p sensor into a 5mm x 5mm x 3.5mm component, basically making it small enough to fit into the front-facing cameras of phones.

The Omnivision OV2724 sensor also has the ability to record videos at 60fps, which is pretty impressive, and will apparently offer impressive dynamic range too. We’re not sure if you would ever need such high quality video for a front-facing camera, but hey, upgrades are upgrades, right? Omnivision’s OV2724 is expected to go into production this summer, meaning that if you are looking for phones with front-facing 1080p cameras to start becoming commonplace, you might be in for a wait.

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