pebble-apiThe Pebble smart watch development kit recently received a new update, where it opened up the doors for two-way communication between watch and phone apps, in addition to sporting a spanking new API meant for tracking exercise. The new PebbleKit would pave the way for communication to happen between watch applications on the Pebble alongside those apps that are on a smartphone – regardless of whether you are running on iOS or Android. “Watchapps”, as they are called, can be built to receive information such as weather or traffic situations, double up as a remote control for a phone or compatible Internet-connected device, or perhaps even show Bitcoin prices.

All developers are able to gain access to this new Pebble Sports API , and its functionality has already been discovered to be in the iPhone app for Runkeeper, which received its update just last week, in addition to the likes of FreeCaddie, a GPS golf rangefinder. No idea on how the watch would “speak” to your smartphone, would it hop along the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi bus?

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