Folks who love to indulge in mobile games, surely you would have had more than your fair share of Angry Birds and Temple Run in the past, and the game Plants vs Zombies too, would have eaten up a fair amount of your time, too. It has been a while, and the Angry Birds franchise has seen its fair share of expansions, while Temple Run’s sequel has also been quite the hit since it was released earlier this year. Long time fans of Plants vs Zombies have been waiting patiently, and just like the long wait for sunlight to pop out from mushrooms at night, we are pleased to report that Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time (aptly named title, yo!) will be released later this July.

There is no word on just which particular platform will carry this game first, or whether it will be a rolling release across multiple platforms, or will it be a simultaneous release, but a little bit more patience is called for in the meantime. You might want to play Plants vs Zombies and unlock everything all over again while waiting just to warm up those fingers of yours…

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