If you still have a PlayStation 2 and have been on the fence whether or not you should trade it in for the $7.23 GameStop will probably give you for the aged console, then you have less than a month to decide if you should part with it or not. GameStop has started to display a message at its stores that say they will no longer be accepting PlayStation 2 trade-in starting on June 1, which also goes for all of its accessories and games.

Sony has stopped its shipments of the PlayStation 2 just a few months ago, which we’re sure was one of the last straws for GameStop to consider ending its trade-ins of the console at its stores. Considering the next wave of next-generation consoles will be upon us by this holiday season, it also makes sense to end their PlayStation 2 trade-in program since they’re going to need that extra space for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 trade-ins.

Again – this is pretty much your last warning if you’ve been debating whether or not to trade in anything PlayStation 2 related to GameStop. After June 1, you’ll be stuck with all of your games, accessories and consoles, that is, unless you try to sell them on eBay.

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