google-samsung-galaxy-s4The current flagship smartphone from Samsung, which is the Samsung Galaxy S4, has picked up yet another first in its list of achievements, where it is the fastest selling Samsung handset to date – in addition to being the first smartphone in the world to pick up a TCO certification. Just to get a better idea on what TCO certification is all about, it happens to be a series of product certifications for office equipment (with monitors being the most notable items to be certified), where it has been set by TCO Development, which so happens to be owned by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, TCO (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation). The certifications are given names after years, and recent revisions of TCO have also happened to define standards for computers, keyboards, printers, mobile phones and office furniture.

Well, we are glad to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has picked up the TCO stamp which assures the purchaser that this smartphone has been manufactured without the use of hazardous elements such as nickel, beryllium, and mercury, and it is definitely a point for environmentally conscious users to take note of – as it approves of Samsung’s focus on sustainability. Do product certifications such as these help you make your device purchase decision?

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