In the world of hard drives, one name we’re sure you’ve come across is Seagate as they’re one of a handful of popular hard drive manufacturers. Up until now, their hard drives have been focused on providing storage for a wide variety of customers, but today, Seagate is announcing a new hard drive specifically for storing video.

Seagate’s Video 3.5 HDD is the industry first 4TB 3.5-inch HDD that has been engineered specifically to be used in video applications such as digital video recorders (DVRs), set-top boxes and surveillance systems. THe Video 3.5 HDD can store up to 480 hours of HD content while delivering superior performance and operation in three key areas: high capacity and streaming capability, reliability and acoustics.

A total of 16 simultaneous HD streams or 20 standard-definition streams are possible with the Video 3.5 HDD as well as the ability to operate 24×7 with a 0.55% annual failure rate, making it a great drive for those looking to access material on the drive at any time. At the time of this writing, only the 1TB version of the Video 3.5 HDD was available for as low as $75.99. Seagate did not announce official pricing or availability of its 4TB version.

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