toxin-gloveNot having a healing factor like Wolverine’s is definitely a minus point, since Wolverine is able to take quite an insane amount of punishment in terms of physical blows and the consumption of toxins, thanks to his feral-like healing factor. As for us normal humans, we will have to settle for reading the labels on bottles as well as use plain common sense. Good to know that science too, has made advancements of its own, resulting in this sensor glove, courtesy of the researchers over at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT.

This particular sensor glove is capable of detecting and alerting employees to harmful substances around them, and Dr. Sabine Trupp, the person behind the Fraunhofer EMFT Sensor Materials group, said that this potentially life-saving device is capable of detecting “gases like carbon monoxide, for example, or hyrdogen sulfider”, and this glove could potentially detect leaks in gas lines, too. Sensor-activated dyes would be triggered should it realize that something is amiss, and the glove would turn blue as a visual cue for you to take the relevant countermeasures.

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