simcity-amusement-parkAt last, Electronic Arts has announced the availability of SimCity Amusement Park today on Origin, helping mayors who do want something new and different in their virtual cities to keep them occupied and challenged. The Amusement Park pack would bring along with it different kinds of tourist attractions that we see in real life, such as casinos and landmarks. The way one makes use of the Amusement Park would be very different however, where your city would earn revenue from the Amusement Park by having guests go on rides or purchase goods from concession stands. It will be different from landmarks and casinos, as those two segments see the number of guests pay to be in your attraction. The idea of SimCity Amusement Park is to ensure your park guests will be able to get to rides and concessions stands in the most efficient way possible.

This is a whole lot like those Tycoon game series, and I clearly remember how I had to employ a fair number of janitors in one of those classic moments to clean up the barf and pick up the trash left by tactless and unwell guests. Modules in SimCity Amusement Park include Signs, Main Attractions, Secondary Attractions, Concession Stands, Mini Train Stations, Park Gates, and Benches. [Press Release]

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