sony-ps4-controller-detailsHow much will the Sony PlayStation 4 cost when it is released? We’re sure many gamers are wondering about that, and with consoles like Nintendo’s Wii U being priced somewhat affordably, will Sony be looking to do the same with their next-gen console? While we have to wait for an official announcement of sorts, Sony India might have accidentally let the cat out of the bag. The website for Sony India seems to have prematurely put up the pricing on their website for the PS4 and set it at 399 EUR for the 250GB model.

The page has since been pulled, but there is a good chance that this is the price we can expect. First of all this isn’t some random retailer who might be speculating on the price, but rather an official Sony website, meaning that they probably do know what the PS4 would cost. Secondly 399 EUR is somewhat believable as it is cheaper than the PS3, which is part of Sony’s plan to price the console cheaper than its predecessor. We’re not sure how much it could cost in the US, but other parts of the world, 399 EUR could be a price to take note of. However since it has yet to be made official, take it with a grain of salt for now as it could very well be subject to change, but what do you guys think? Is 399 EUR a fair price to ask?

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