The other day Sony Japan revealed the trailer for a game called Panopticon. The trailer did not really tell us much about the game, and if you’re wondering just what the heck it is, well as it turns out, the game’s official title is Freedom Wars and it will be a game exclusive to Sony’s handheld console, the PS Vita. Sony has also released a new trailer video which is basically the original trailer you saw last time, except that this time round, there are subtitles and offers a little insight as to what is going on. As you might have saw in the previous trailer, there were numbers floating above the heads of some of the characters. It turns out that these numbers are actually a counter for how long a person has left on their prison sentences, and considering that all the characters have it on them, it is possible that the entire game could be based on some kind of virtual prison of sorts. Sony has also listed the game’s genre as being “Recovery” Multiplayer Action, whatever that means, but perhaps there will be some kind of co-op mode. In any case you can check out the “new” trailer in the video above.


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