tactonicSo the Sensor Glove is smart enough to alert you that you are touching something toxic (I wonder what would happen if you were to open doorknobs while wearing it?), but Tactonic has a better idea – something that deals with touch, too, albeit in a different segment altogether. Basically, Tactonic Technologies has managed to come up with low-cost sheets of precision pressure sensors, and are currently looking into ways to make these a place of common interaction for the masses. Tactonic is currently collaborating with car companies, design firms and mobile device developers in order to find methods of integrating such technology into the surfaces of everyday items, basically turning such items into touchpads.

The rectangular sheets have been referred to as “tiles,” and they will measure up to 2-feet square (for use on floors), and is even “smart” enough to be linked together so that a larger sensing area is created. Just how sensitive is it? Well, Tactonic’s sensors are capable of measuring the position of a finger within one-hundredth of an inch accuracy, and can also sense 4,096 levels of pressure. These tiles would use a whole lot less individual sensors compared to a typical touchpad despite being that sensitive, now how about that?

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