We know how tough it is to find time during our busy schedules in order to help construct the perfect body we’ve been dreaming about. Six-pack abs, toned legs and bulging biceps are some of the most sought after rewards anyone could achieve when working out, but if you’re just going to make yourself stronger, you won’t need to know that the TitanArm exoskeleton is around.

A group of students from the University of Pennsylvania designed and engineered the TitanArm prototype which was created to help its wearer lift way more than their jelly arms would be able to on their own. The TitanArm is built from an aluminum frame which is equipped with a battery-powered DC motor, a cable drive system, racket braking and a thumbstick controller for movement. The UPenn students believe their TitanArm can be used as a lifting aid, or can be used to increase a person’s mobility or physical therapy as it’s possible for medical professionals to be able to retrieve data from the TitanArm in order to monitor their patients remotely.

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