acer-Allegro-blackWe’ve seen Acer dabble in the Windows Phone market in the past, although it was more of the company dipping their toes rather than fully submerging themselves in it unlike Nokia. The question is will we be seeing more Acer Windows Phone devices in the future? Well the good news for those who wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of variety in the Windows Phone market, Acer has revealed that they would love to continue making Windows Phone devices, although they’re waiting for the platform is start catching on before they fully commit themselves to it.

This is according to Allen Burnes, Acer’s VP of smartphones for EMEA, who spoke to the folks at TechRadar in a brief interview. According to Burnes, “You’ll find everyone in our smartphone team would really like to deploy Windows OS, but in relation to where we are as a company we have to make our decisions in relation to what we think will sell out […]The way WP8 integrates in with the rest of the Windows ecosystem is phenomenal, so yes we are looking at Windows Phone 8, yes we do believe in it, it just doesn’t sell enough at this moment, otherwise we would deploy it this year.”

Considering that Windows Phone devices only make up a small portion of the market compared to iPhones and Android products, and based on what Acer had to say, we’re guessing it might be a while before we see Acer Windows Phone devices hit the market.

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