Malware infested Android apps are nothing new. Every once in a while a new one is discovered that puts a user or their data in harm’s way. Symantec, a well known security firm, has discovered a new malware touting Android app that has been disguised as an antivirus. Once installed, the app will hold the user’s device “hostage” for $100 ransom. Having a proper antivirus software on your device will obviously help, and since this app isn’t actually available on Google Play Store, it hasn’t affected a significant number of users as yet.

Called Android Defender Platinum, this malware app is making the rounds online, particularly on third-party app stores. Once installed, the app scans the device and informs user that malware has been found, which is obviously a fake message. To rid the device of said malware, users are required to pay a certain fee. If they don’t pay, they will be periodically reminded about the malware and the device will be crashed. Soon after that the app will claim that personal data is being siphoned off the device, in which case it will be locked and won’t be opened until the user makes a $100 payment. This is exactly why it is best to only download apps from the official Google Play Store.

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