Kaspersky researchers have discovered what probably is the most advanced and sophisticated Android malware we’ve ever seen. This piece of malware is capable of doing what has not been previously done by its kind before. It doesn’t do simple tasks such as corrupting the file system or siphoning off files and other information. Called Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.A, this piece of malware tries to gain root access of a device, exploit multiple vulnerabilities, block attempts of un-installation and can even execute remote commands from your Android device.

Analyzing and detecting this piece of malware is difficult because when it reaches a device, most of it is encrypted, and isn’t decrypted until it gains internet access. Working silently in the background, devoid of an interface, Backdoor.Android.OS.Obad is currently in circulation in limited numbers. Though it is believed that this advanced and sophisticated malware is waiting for its next victim on a variety of dubious websites and third party app stores. The detailed Kaspersky report, which includes code analysis and the entire command list that the malware can run, has been posted online for everyone, here.

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