Are you one who thinks that it is compulsory for all public places to come with Wi-Fi connectivity? Surely, this might even be part of an election manifesto down the road for more developed nations, as other concerns such as cost of living, more affordable food and better public transportation have been more or less solved. Here is something to think about – how about getting a cutting board that sports built-in Wi-Fi connectivity? This is where the Chop-Syc cutting board comes in, where it resembles an attractive wooden cutting board, although underneath the rather simple facade, it camouflages the device’s most impressive features.

What looks like wood is not actually wood, but it is rather made out of tough, scratch-proof glass. I guess you can say that this is one wooden “screensaver,” and whenever it hooks up to a nearby Wi-Fi network, it will be able to access cooking sites as well as provide information concerning the recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) so that you will be able to have a better idea on how many calories you’re putting into your body each day. Unfortunately, the Chop-Syc remains a concept as at press time, but it might be a concept that is realized one day.

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