ouya-console-underperformsNow this is definitely a nuttier bit of news as we go through the day, hitting mid-week with a spring in our steps. Apparently, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and Ouya are at loggerheads with one another, especially when you take into consideration what happened at this year’s edition of E3. As most of us are aware by now, Ouya is an Android games console which materialized thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, and hence they decided to make their presence “felt” at E3 2013 without setting up shop inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, but rather, outside of it – in the parking lot, to be particular.

The reason behind that is because they do not have the financial clout to pay up the kind of fees that are required to be inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, not to mention the astronomical costs of setting up a booth as well as marketing and advertising. Why not just rent parking spaces in a nearby lot instead? This out-of-the-box thinking certainly did not tickle E3’s organizer, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), who called the cops to do something about the situation. Good thing the cops say that Ouya’s permits are legit and valid, and left them alone in the end.

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