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Razer Confirms That Ouya Will Be Shutting Down For Good June 25
Years ago, companies were still exploring the possibility of using Android beyond mobile devices. Ouya was such a company where the company launched an Android gaming console where it quickly became a crowdfunding darling. However, things turned sour fast due to the delays, which ultimately resulted in Ouya being bought over by Razer.

Mimic Arena Game Released
Indie game developer Tiny Horse Games have just announced earlier today that they will be rolling out its debut title known as “Mimic Arena,” via OUYA Publishing. This particular game would mean it is the first multi-platform release by OUYA Publishing, and it will comprise of “Mimic Arena” distribution on Razer Forge TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and NVIDIA Shield, now how about that for a variety of platforms?

OUYA Owners Get Discounted Forge TV Controller Bundle
It looks like OUYA, despite all of the promises that it brought along with it, has not really taken off in a big way, so much so that the company has been acquired by Razer earlier this year as confirmed by Razer themselves in July 2015. Having said that, this does not meant that OUYA’s foray into the set-top box market has arrived at a halt, since Razer’s purchase of […]

Razer Doubling Down On Android & Forge TV
Earlier it was discovered that Razer’s Android gaming console the Forge TV was no longer available for purchase via Google Play. This has led to speculation as to why that might be, and what it could mean, although the logical conclusion here is that the console might have run its course and will no longer be offered.However for those who might be disappointed, fret not because Razer has not given […]


Razer Will Pay What OUYA Owes To Indie Devs
It was yesterday that Razer announced that they would be acquiring OUYA. However it seems that after the announcement was made, many indies expressed their frustration namely because it seemed to indicate that the funding that OUYA promised indie devs would no longer be paid out.For those unfamiliar, OUYA had previously promised $1 million in funding that would go out to indie devs to help them create games for the […]

Razer Confirms Ouya Acquisition
It had been reported a while back that Ouya was looking for a buyer and it finally got one, following confirmation from a financial institution that Razer would be picking up the company, Razer today officially confirmed the acquisition of Ouya software assets. The company says that it will add Ouya’s digital platform and content to its product offerings and looks to improve its standing in the Android TV gaming […]

Razer Acquires Ouya
It was rumored last week that Razer might be looking into a possible acquisition of Ouya, the micro-console maker that has been struggling to get off the ground. Ouya has had a hard time getting off the ground even as casual Android gaming on the big screen continues to emerge as a trend, yet it’s fortunes didn’t change even when talk of a $10 million investment from China started. It has been […]

Razer May Buy Ouya
Ouya’s rise to fame was one to be witnessed. The company raised over $8.5 million for its Android micro-console which basically allowed people to play Android games on the big screen. It’s popularity grew with independent developers but it was short lived, the console didn’t really perform as well as the startup would have wanted and developers never really made any substantial amount of money by selling games on Ouya. There were […]

Ouya Up For Sale (Rumor)
Word on the street has it that game console manufacturer Ouya, has just put itself up on sale, at least this is what the signs from a leaked internal memo point to. So far, there has been no official word on the matter, but assuming that this particular leak is reliable and of course, very real, it should be confirmed sooner rather than later. The memo itself does seem to […]

OUYA Gets New Lease On Life With $10 Million Investment From Alibaba [Rumor]
The OUYA Android gaming console was launched back in 2012 on Kickstarter where it has since managed to become the 3rd most funded project on the website of all time. While the concept of the OUYA was good, unfortunately it seemed that the console failed to live up to the hype and numerous delays did not sit well with its backers and gamers.So far we haven’t really heard much from […]

Ouya Reportedly Seeking Acquisition By Chinese Companies
Back in August 2012 Ouya emerged on the scene. This startup wanted to create an Android gaming console of the same name. The project got a lot of traction on Kickstarter and its campaign ended up raising over $8 million. The console ultimately came out and Ouya even decided to try its luck by diversifying through a move into software. Its no secret though that things haven’t gone exactly as planned. […]

Ouya Games Heading To China
Android gaming on TVs is slowly but surely taking off. Companies like Google and Amazon have created products that allow people to play Android games via a controller on their TVs. Ouya emerged on the scene not too long ago with a gaming device of its own. Now the company is looking to capture a completely different market, teaming up with a popular hardware manufacturer to bring its independently developed […]

OUYA Announces $60/year All-Access Pass
The OUYA Android gaming console was announced back in 2012, with its Kickstarter project launching shortly after. The device was considered one of the darlings of Kickstarter, having reached its funding goal in a short amount of time, and going on to raise over $5 million. Unfortunately the console was plagued with delays which kind of marred its launch and safe to say the end result was definitely not as […]

$200 M.O.J.O. Gets OUYA Everywhere Support
The good people over at Mad Catz has announced earlier this morning that they will be slashing the price of the M.O.J.O. game console by $50, which means it will now retail for $200 a pop, not to mention this particular console will be able to support OUYA software in the months ahead. Having said that, Mad Catz would end up as the first partner to sign onto the new […]