google-music-updateFor those of you who have yet to give Google’s new All Access streaming radio a go, perhaps it is time you give it a spin. Several early adopters who have wrapped their fingers around it claimed that the Google Music Update does seem to consume plenty of data. While that might not be too much of an issue for folks who happen to be on unlimited or high tier data plans, but others who want to ensure that their monthly commitment remains minimal might have some issues. Google did happen to do their bit to enable users to have control over the amount of bandwidth consumed with the new update, since it has introduced additional quality settings for you to choose from.

With this particular update, one is able to pick from low, medium, or high quality streaming. In that manner, should you happen to arrive near the end of the month and are pushing the limits of your data tier, you will be able to turn things down to low quality, so that you will be able to enjoy All Access. Other than that, the updated app will consume less data in general, courtesy of several new optimizations. Search results ought to be a whole lot more pertinent, and the app itself will require lesser amounts of time to download tracks directly to your phone. Do check out the notification that should be arriving in a few more days’ time.

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