Hell-is-Other-PoepleEven the most social of us needs a day to themselves, to recover, recuperate, recollect themselves and whatnot, and if you need one of those days for yourself, there’s a web app for that. It’s called “Hell is Other People” and it is developed by Scott Garner as an experiment in anti-social media. Basically what this web app does is that it collects data from your Foursquare account to map a route around the a particular city or suburb you’re planning to go, while taking into account locations where your friends might have recently checked-in, ultimately decreasing the chances of you running into them. It’s a pretty interesting idea although we have no idea how effective it really is, and there’s always the option of just staying at home, but if you’d like to take the web app for a spin, head on over to its website and let us know in the comments below on its effectiveness!

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