img_1290It looks like with iOS 7, Apple is interested in giving users more ways to interact with their phone apart from just touching it. Discovered in the latest build of iOS 7 beta 2, it was found that the operating system now allows users to interact with the phone using head movements, such as by turning your head to the left or right. According to the folks at 9to5 Mac who managed to take it for a spin, they found the feature pretty accurate, albeit tedious since there were apparently many options to cycle through before reaching the one you want.


At the same time it was discovered that the head movements could also be paired with an iOS function or feature, such as using it to activate the home button, launch Siri, open Notification Center, App Switcher, volume control and possibly more. This is more of an accessibility feature rather a feature meant for everyone, but it’s definitely pretty unique nonetheless.

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