Big companies roping in mega stars to augment their brand image is nothing new. BlackBerry is doing the same with Alicia Keys and Verizon recently announced a partnership with Jennifer Lopez. According to the New York Post, Samsung wants a piece of the celebrity pie as well. The Korean manufacturer is reportedly roping in rap mogul Jay Z, who is apparently going to cost Samsung more than $20 million. This deal could see Jay Z appearing in Samsung product commercials and possibly even placing some products in his music videos and such. Though it is being speculated that perhaps Jay Z will make a new music streaming service through which he will be able to promote his music and acts on mobile devices.

Samsung already spends more on marketing than most major manufacturers, according to some reports it even outspent Apple’s $333 million budget with its $401 million budget. Having Jay Z on board will definite boost Samsung’s brand value. There has been no confirmation as yet from either side, so it can’t be said for sure when an official announcement of this partnership will be made.

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