233720_screenshots_2013-06-27_00003-1024x576Remember yesterday we reported that Valve had denied Half-Life 3 rumors? This was after Korean words started popping up in Half-Life 2, and many had speculated that this was Valve teasing an announcement. However a Valve staff posted in the forums that it was “just me mucking up”. However it looks like another game has taken on the strange Korean text syndrome, this time that of Surgeon Simulator 2013 which is also distributed via Valve’s Steam portal. As pictured above, Korean text has appeared on one of the objects in the game, which translates to “time”, or “it’s time”, or something to that effect.

This was spotted by the folks over at NeoGAF and it is possible that this could be a prank pulled by the folks at Bossa Studios who might be trying to capitalize on Valve’s muck up the other day. However on the flip side of the coin, some are speculating that Valve might really  have something to announce, and while it might not necessarily be Half-Life 3, an announcement could be inevitable. Either way we’ll try not to read too much into this for now, but twice in a row really doesn’t seem like a coincidence, does it? What do you guys think?

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