Half-LifeFor gamers who are still playing Half-Life 2, you might have been shocked when you fired up the game earlier to discover the NPCs delivering their lines in Korean instead of your chosen language, and while it might have immediately been thought of as a bug to some, others read a little bit too much in between the lines than they should have. To that end some have speculated that this could signify that Valve is ready to announce Half-Life 3, especially when the recent tweet by Steam had a line in Korean which reads, “Prepare for unforeseen consequences”. The bug which caused the NPCs to deliver their lines in Korean has since been fixed, and a Valve employee has left a comment in the latest patch notes, not only apologizing for the mistake, but to clarify that, “No ARG sorry, just me mucking up.” Basically what this means is that the latest bug is not an elaborate conspiracy to throw us off any Half-Life 3 clues and that Valve has yet to formally announce anything, at least that’s what we think.

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