leef-bridgeUSB flash drives have been around for so many years already, that we have more or less taken these devices for granted. Everyone should have a few USB flash drives in their collection for everyday use, and they are far more reliable than those 5.25” floppies, don’t you think so? The Leef Bridge brings something new to the table where USB flash drives are concerned, where apart from having a full sized USB connector, it also has a microUSB connector that makes it a snap for you to hook up the Leef Bridge into a smartphone or tablet.

All you need to do is slide out the one that you want to use, and the case of the Leef Bridge USB flash drive will protect the other end. Do bear in mind that not all Android devices with a microUSB port are able to “talk” to the Leef Bridge, since these ports tend to be used for charging purposes only. You will need to ensure that you are using a model that supports USB OTG (On The Go) capability. The Leef Bridge will come in 16GB and 32GB capacities, retailing for $17.99 and $28.99, respectively, with a 64GB model in the works for a release next month.

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