Nexus 4 owners out there, have some of you noticed that your screen might look a little different compared to the screen of another Nexus 4? While some of you guys might not have noticed the difference, the folks over at Phone Arena have and they decided to conduct some tests to see if there really is any difference, or if it their eyes playing tricks on them. As it turns out the latter was true and the results from their test proved it. One screen on the Nexus 4 had an average color temp of 7100k, while the other had an average temp of 7900k, suggesting that one screen had a “warmer” temperature than the other.


Naturally they reached out to LG who replied them by saying, “From time to time it becomes necessary or preferable to alter certain product specification if engineers and management feel the change improves the functionality or usability of the device. […] The difference is subtle and really only noticeable if two devices with different calibrations are compared side by side or measured using sophisticated equipment, as was what happened in your case.”

Unfortunately issuing a software update to correct the screen of older models to match the newer ones isn’t as simple as you might think which also means that Nexus 4 owners of earlier devices might be left with the shorter end of the stick, although for the resourceful owner, the good news is that there are color calibration apps out there which could help balance things out. As Phone Arena has pointed out, this is not related only to Nexus 4 or LG devices as similar examples have been seen before, but it’s definitely worth thinking about, especially if you consider yourself to be an early adopter.

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