[E3 2013] Earlier this morning, when E3 kicked off with a Microsoft event, we saw the first look of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and the trailer of the game is now up and available on YouTube as you can see above. Needless to say, it is making its way to the Xbox One after the next generation console is released, and is anyone surprised that Sony did not manage to secure an exclusive release for a title of this magnitude? I guess following the money trail is always the way to go if you are wondering how come Microsoft managed to snag this Metal Gear Solid outing this time around.

You will find new ways to be stealthy, especially when Snake gets to move around on horseback in certain scenarios. There are features such as real time weather, all new strategic possibilities, but if there is one thing that deserves to be the real hero in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it would be the horse that Snake rides on. This horse does not poop, neither does it need to pee, and it sure as heck can survive in the desert environment better than a camel, as you never see it drinking from a water trough. Not only that, Snake’s inventory is freed up by a few spaces since he needs to tote around a bale of hay or have a sack of apples ready on hand. Definitely deserves the hardiest video game character award, ever!

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