Even though a Netflix subscription costs only $8 a month, we’re sure many of you share your account with your family members, friends and probably even co-workers. One of the downsides of sharing your account information is stumbling onto the weird viewing habits of other people, but soon you’ll be able to let those who you share your account with keep their weird selection in movies and TV shows to themselves as Netflix will soon allow its subscribers to create multiple profiles within a single account.

The multiple user profiles feature is expected to roll out later this summer and is currently in its testing phase. As of now, Netflix is considering either five or six different profiles to be tied to a single account, which would of course allow those profiles to receive their own personalized recommendations and instant queue stream.

Once the user profile feature is launched, Netflix subscribers will be able to activate it through their account. Once it’s active, Netflix users will be met with a start screen which shows avatars for the different profiles which are associate with that account. Netflix will still allow for up to two streams to be active with a single account, which could certainly raise issues if you happen to share the same Netflix account with a large number of people.

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