New York Times, one of the most read news sources online and offline, announced today that mobile users will now be restricted to 3 free articles per day starting from June 27th. Those who want to read more than that would have to subscribe. Up till now readers who have been accessing the publication through its apps or mobile site were allowed to read 10 to 15 articles per day for free from the Top News section, that changes now.


Web readers are allowed to read 10 articles for free in one month, mobile readers still have a better deal. Subscribers obviously have full access to all sections, including blog posts and videos. Subscription plans vary between $15 and $35 per month, which is quite a lot if you compare that with Pandora’s $36 per year charge or Netflix’s $8 per month. The New York Times is one of the few publications that has implemented a lucrative paywall system online, as trend continues to shift towards digital content consumption. This is one sure fire way through which they can generate revenue, though growth is likely to slow down if the service is not competitively priced.

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