freetoplayMark your calendars boys and girls, especially if you are a huge fan of all things Nintendo. I know that right now, most folks would only choose between the Xbox One and the PS4 from Sony as the true blue next generation home game console – the Nintendo Wii U can be said to be a nice stop gap measure, or an interim console at best, and even so, popular opinion on the Internet seem to have the odds stacked heavily in favor of the PS4 triumphing over the Xbox One, where some folks have even dubbed the latter to be the “Xbone”. I don’t really know, as my crystal ball is all out of whack, but what I do know is, Nintendo has just confirmed that the very first free-to-play game will launch by the end of March next year.


Granted, that is still a long way to go, and I myself cannot wait for March 2014 as that is also when 300: Rise of an Empire is set to debut, and questions will abound in the meantime, such as whether this free title will be on the Wii U or on the 3DS, or both. So far, we do know that Nintendo has ruled out free-to-play Mario and Pokémon titles for no-brainer reasons, so will a new video game character be able to stamp his/her/its mark?

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