wii-fit-u-delayNobody likes delays, which is why traffic jams have been rated to be the bane of modern day society, not to mention the fact that flight delays can be one of the most frustrating things that one could possibly endure. Having said that, whenever a game title (regardless of platform) is delayed, you can be pretty sure that the rabid following of supporters would be up in arms, wishing that the calendar would actually speed up to the day farther down the original release date. This time around, the tardiness monster has visited Nintendo’s Wii Fit U, which so happens to be the latest version of Nintendo’s fitness series.

First slated to be introduced to the world sometime in the first half of the year, the title will now roll out in December, and this bit of news was shared among the faithful by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata earlier today in the company’s E3 Nintendo Direct presentation. I guess fans have nothing else to do but wait, and wait patiently for the day they get to enjoy the special pedometer known as the Fit Meter.

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