At first glace they might remind you of Google Glass, but Recon Jet glasses are actually quite different. Announced last month at Google I/O 2013, this piece of wearable technology uses various components from Android OS and has a dualcore processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, various movement sensors, HD camera and GPS. Users will be able to film and track their movements and upload the data online. The company has now started accepting pre-orders for the device, a “Pilot Edition” of which is slated to ship in December on a first come first served basis, for $500.


Recon Instruments says that this particular edition will ship a few months before the full production gets underway, then each unit will be sold for $600. So if you find yourself interested in Jet glasses, its probably best to get a pre-order in now and save $100. The Pilot Edition units will come with apps designed for cyclists and triathletes allowing them to keep an eye on crucial performance data such as distance covered and their heart rate. Jet’s heads-up display will also be able to display caller ID and text messages. However before these Pilot Edition units ship, Recon will release a SDK for developers so that they can create apps for it. Pre-orders can be placed at

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