Recon-Jet-002Recon Instruments is launching this futuristic-looking heads-up display, which is integrated to sunglasses. The idea is pretty much the same as Google Glass: to deliver information in an integrated way and the sunglasses integration may be just a little bit more conspicuous at first. On a second look, it’s quite obvious that there are not ordinary sunglasses since the display element protrudes quite a bit. Still, this design may yield much less light interference, although the obvious downside is that things may get very dim as soon as the lighting conditions aren’t bright.

ReconJet is full of electronics: dual core processor and GPU, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, HD camera, and a sensors. This is a full-on computer and that explains why the device is a little big when compared to regular glasses. For a wearable computer, it’s actually very thin. We haven’t had the chance to put those on yet, but we’re very curious to see how they perform.

Recon Instruments believe that the time is right for this type of computing, and since they are providing the display technology, they will try seeking the help of developers at Google I/O. Now, the question is: what usage models would work with a wearable display like this – what apps would you want to see?

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