Sony recently made a pretty big boo-boo two weeks ago when it released its PlayStation 3’s 4.45 update as it unintentionally bricked a large number of consoles after its release. Shortly after its release, Sony pulled its 4.45 firmware update and assured its customers a fix would be coming on June 27. Thankfully, Sony made good on its promise and has released a new download as well as a solution on how those of you who updated your PS3 to firmware 4.45 and were met with the bricking issue.


The fix for firmware 4.45 isn’t going to be as simple as “install the latest firmware update,” although that is one of the steps to getting your PlayStation 3 back up and running. Sony suggests for those users who have had their PS3’s bricked to download the new 4.46 firmware update, then activate your console into safe mode, then load the new firmware onto it manually.

We know many of you don’t like to go through a process that goes through more than one step, especially when it was Sony’s fault your PlayStation 3 hasn’t been usable for weeks. But considering you’ve been without a console for that amount of time, we have a feeling you’re going to want to get this taken care of ASAP.

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