internet-awardWhen the story of PRISM first broke, there were many who were shocked by this. Of course there were some who sort of expected that this was going on, and then there were those who could not believe their own government was doing this. Most reactions on the internet seemed to be against PRISM, but interestingly a new study from the Pew Research Center has found that while the idea of having your own government spying on you is more or less split in the middle between those who are for it and those who are against it, the majority at 56% seem to be fine with it, while 41% find it unacceptable.

The ones who were alright with their government spying on them seemed to believe that it was done for the greater good, and chose to be spied on to investigate terrorist threats, instead of opting for privacy. These percentages are based on phone tracking, but when the questions turned towards email spying, it seems that that’s where people draw the line with 52% of the survey participants saying no to email monitoring. What do you guys make of this study? It’s pretty interesting considering that the general consensus on the internet seem to condemn it in the first place, so to have this study suggest otherwise provides an interesting take on the situation.

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