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Vive Benchmark Tool Might Have Hinted At Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3
Recently Valve released a piece of software that basically checks to see if your PC is capable of supporting the HTC Vive. Interestingly enough it seems that upon further digging, it has been discovered that the company might have made some references within the benchmarking tool to some future games.

Valve May Have Hinted At (Or Trolled) Half-Life 3 In DotA 2 Update
With all the hype surrounding Half-Life 3 and whether or not it will actually be made, so safe to say that if and when it does, Valve will have some very, very high expectations to meet. In fact it seems that the company isn’t making it easy on themselves either, especially in a recent DotA 2 update in which a mysterious “hl3.txt” file was discovered.Now before you get too excited, […]

Possible Reference To Half-Life 3 Spotted In DOTA 2's Tools
Is Half-Life 3 in the works? We have heard various rumors in the past of how the game is in development, although each time Valve has come forward to refute them, however it seems that in the latest DOTA 2 tools, there has been some reference made to the game. The references comes in the form of a line of code that reads, “game hl3”.Of course given how obscure this […]

Half-Life 3 Trademark In Europe Has Been Removed, Possibly A Hoax
It was just last week that Half-Life 3 fans were excited by the news that Valve had registered the Half-Life 3 trademark over in Europe. While it is possible that Valve filed the trademark to protect its Half-Life franchise, it was also an indication that the game was being worked on and that we could look forward to news about it soon. Interestingly enough it seems that the paperwork for […]


Half-Life 3 Development Team Revealed By Accident
Half-Life 3: is it a myth, or is it a reality? With the previous Half-Life games enjoying massive success and having such a loyal following, it is only a question of when Valve decides to announce the game. So far the company has kept mum, but a recent trademark filing has sparked new interest and for those who are still a little uncertain as to whether the game exists for […]

Half-Life 3 Trademark Filed In Europe
We have been hearing many rumors about Valve’s Half-Life 3 game for a while now, with some gamers vehemently believing that Valve was leaving them clues about the game in other games, and this is despite Valve having denied Half-Life 3 rumors. In any case the status of the game remains a complete mystery, but here’s something that should get fans pretty excited: Valve has filed for a trademark for […]

Half-Life Voice Actor "Misspoke" About Half-Life 3's Status
Last week we reported on seemingly bad news that Valve was not working on Half-Life 3 at the moment. This was “confirmed” by John Patrick Lowrie, the voice actor for some of Valve’s games such as Half-Life 2 and DotA 2. However according to a comment posted on Lowrie’s blog (which has since been removed), it seems that the voice actor “misspoke” when it came to sharing news about Half-Life […]

Half-Life 3 Not Being Worked On, According To Half-Life 2's Voice Actor
We have been hearing rumors that Valve has been working on Half-Life 3, with many signs apparently pointing that to be true, but it looks like that might not be the case. According to actor John Patrick Lowrie, he has confirmed that Half-Life 3 is currently not being worked on. For those unfamiliar, Lowrie has been a part of many of Valve’s games as a voice actor, lending his vocal […]

Half-Life 3 To Be Announced In 2014? [Rumor]
While Valve has yet to confirm Half-Life 3, it has not stopped fans and the gaming community in general from speculating about it, and some going as far as finding “evidence” in various games and trailers released by Valve. However according to gaming website, Noshitshurlock, it seems that they have reported that Half-Life 3 will be arriving in 2014 on PC and consoles, both next-gen and current-gen, and that the […]

Valve Denies Half-Life 3 Rumors
For gamers who are still playing Half-Life 2, you might have been shocked when you fired up the game earlier to discover the NPCs delivering their lines in Korean instead of your chosen language, and while it might have immediately been thought of as a bug to some, others read a little bit too much in between the lines than they should have. To that end some have speculated that […]

Half-Life 3 development rumored to be under way, could feature an open-world concept with RPG elements
Half-Life 3 is probably one of the FPS games that many gamers are looking forward to, but when will it be released, and more importantly, what will it be like? While there has not been any official information regarding the game, French website journaldugamer reported that thanks to one of their sources, they have managed to get some information about the game. For starters, their source revealed that Valve is […]

Half Life 3 Rumoredly Masquerading as Ricochet 2
One of the most iconic first person shooter games in the world, Half Life has been the topic of discussion as of late. With the third installment of the successful franchise nowhere to be seen, fans of the game have had to suffer with cruel April Fool’s jokes and intriguing t-shirt photos by the game developers, Valve. Now however, the co-founder of the company, Gabe Newell who had a discussion […]

April Fool's Half Life 3 announcement disappoints gamers everywhere
Half Life 3 is one of the games that many gamers have been anticipating, but unfortunately there has been no word from Valve regarding the game – at least until yesterday. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Steam website has outed the release of the game claiming that it is now available for $59.99. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is. It seems that […]

Half-Life 3 announcement imminent?
Ever since the Half-Life 3 logo was spotted on a t-shirt worn by a Valve employee, the rumors have gone crazy trying to guess if and when the game would be released. It seems that the rumors have been fueled further by a recent video featuring Portal 2’s Wheatley have revealed an obscure set of text that reads ‘OBSERVATION SATELLITE “LANTHANUM”’.