amped-80211acI guess it is safe to assume that just about every home with a techie living in it has a wireless router of sorts. After all, being tethered to an Ethernet cable is so 20th century, and going wireless is definitely the way to go for sure. It seems that Amped Wireless thinks along the same lines, too, with a spanking new RTA15 Wi-Fi router that is also their first attempt at an 802.11ac device.


The new 802.11ac standard has definitely sent Wi-Fi technology surging ahead by a few steps, as it enables multiple users to download and stream HD or 4K media to different devices – simultaneously to boot, all running on the same Wi-Fi network. Their RTA15 is proud to be the industry’s first long-range 802.11ac router, where it gets the job done thanks to a high power 700mW dual band, boasting a trio of high gain, 5dBi antennas and ten total power amplifiers. The RTA15 would also come with a USB port for file sharing alongside five gigabit wired ports that allows you to hook up to a broadband network as well as attaching extra wired devices. You will find the RTA15 to come with an updated user interface, premium software features, and offering up to three times greater coverage compared to standard 802.11ac routers. The asking price? $190 a pop, and nobody said being an early adopter is ever easy or cheap. [Product Page]

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