wifoWi-Fi connectivity is the norm these days, and it would be anathema if a hotel or cafe does not have a Wi-Fi network for its guests to ride on with their myriad of portable devices. Having said that, there are times in life when one simply cannot explain the presence of Wi-Fi “black holes”, where the entire floor has full signal, save for your cubicle that magically sees the Wi-Fi signal drop to nothing. Good thing there are interesting Wi-Fi routers around, and Wi-Fi expanders – and this new system known as WiFO is said to expand existing Wi-Fi bandwidth by up to 10 times.

WiFO will incorporate infrared LEDs so that it can provide a nice boost to the available Wi-Fi bandwidth, and this is made possible through the use of hybrid connectivity, where both radio frequency (RF) and optical data links from the same source. Why is it called WiFO? Well, since it happens to be a hybrid of Wi-Fi and Free-space Optic, as this prototype system will take advantage of improvements in LED technology so that it opens the door for high-frequency modulation of infrared light in wireless transmission, making it part of an optical Gigabit wireless LAN. [Press Release]

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