mactansApple has stepped forward to say that they have managed to solve and fix an obscure security flaw which could result in hackers gaining access to data on an iOS device, where this flaw would require the use of a specially-designed custom USB device which resembles a charger, although in reality, it will carry a minuscule Linux-powered computer that was specially designed to insert malware. This particular fix can already be found in the most recent iOS 7 beta version (which we do know has allegedly confirmed iPhone 5S fingerprint scanning technology). Not only that, you can be sure that this particular fix will be part of the iOS 7 update when it rolls out to the masses later this fall, as it is capable of informing users each time they hook up to a different computer, be it through the power adapter itself.

The hack has been known as the Mactans, where this faux “power adapter” held a very small Beagleboard computer that should cost under $50, and it can be specially programmed to send malware into the iPhone via the Lightning connector. In fact, it has been reported to have infected an iPhone 5 that ran on iOS 6 successfully, where the pre-programmed malware dialled the number of one of the researchers who was behind the hack.

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