artificial-skinThe world of research when it comes to artificial skin is not one that operates in a clandestine manner. On the contrary, we have seen our fair share of artificial skin endeavors in the past, but this particular one seems to be the most promising of the lot. A bunch of researchers over from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology claimed to have achieved a new breakthrough which could lead to some of the most sensitive e-skin to date.

According to them, this new key development is a new kind of flexible sensor which would enable the artificial skin to detect touch, in addition to being able to read humidity and temperature statuses to boot. These sensors are made up of gold-based nanoparticles which measure a mere five to eight nanometers in diameter, and these are laid on top of a substrate. This particular substrate that is used in their research happens to be PET, the same stuff that makes up most of the soda bottles out there. Needless to say, plenty of work still needs to be done before such an artificial skin is able to see mainstream action, but at least it is a good start.

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