bmw-i3We did check out the BMW i3 electric car back when it was a concept as well as a prototype, but I guess the day has finally arrived where BMW unveiled its first mass-production electric car, aptly known as the BMW i3. According to BMW, do not thumb your noses down on the BMW i3, as it is capable of accelerating from 0-60 miles an hour in a matter of seven seconds or so, while a full charge of its battery would be able to give you a range approximately 100 miles.

The BMW i3 is tipped to go on sale Stateside not this year, but sometime in the second quarter of next year, with an estimated sticker price of $41,350 before one takes into consideration federal tax breaks and other incentives. There is also an optional “range extender” which comes in the form of a tiny gasoline motor which should see the price tag increase to touch the $45,000 mark. One thing’s for sure, rides like the BMW i3 will be able to meet future emissions regulations in most regions, making it the ideal purchase, but one thing that needs to be worked on would be the range as well as revamping the existing infrastructure of a country to accommodate the presence of electric cars to make them easier to own and maintain.

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