candy_crushA trend these days for developers is to provide the app for free, and make money through in-app transactions. Some of you guys might not appreciate such a move, and personally I’d rather pay for an app once and be done with it, but unfortunately it looks like the model is here to stay and rightfully so. According to the folks at ThinkGaming, popular game Candy Crush (iTunes / Google Play) is apparently making a ton of money through its in-app purchases, raking in a whopping estimated $633,000 a day! Based on this figure and assuming they are able to maintain the numbers, the developers of the game will be able to pull in an impressive $230 million in revenue on an annual basis!

At the moment the developers behind the game are offering gamers the chance to purchase things such as extra moves, extra lives, and such, with prices ranging from $0.99 to $1.99. Considering that they’re merely asking for a dollar, it is understandable why some gamers don’t mind paying, especially if it will help them gain an edge or complete a level with the maximum amount of points possible. What do you guys think?

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