geniusbar-apptDo you like dropping by to have a chat with the folks over at the Apple Store, especially the ones by the Genius Bar? Well, we have heard our fair share about the Genius Bar in the past, including the possibility of having double rows at the Genius Bar in Apple Stores to cater for a growing customer base which should result in a better customer and employee experience. Here we are with word from within China itself, that there were instances of profiteers who would completely book the Shangai Apple store’s Genius Bar reservations, followed by selling appointment slots online.


These alleged scalpers happen to place a 10 yuan ($1.60) price tag on each appointment, where upon payment, you as the purchasers would be provided with login information so that you can modify the appointment afterwards according to your needs. It is said that majority of the appointments have already been booked solid each time the reservation system opens at 4AM local time, although we are unable to verify this. How widespread is this remains to be seen, and assuming it does happen daily, who are the people behind it? Is it a syndicate, or just a bunch of folks who are out to make a quick buck?

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