google-piratedDo you think that Google themselves are getting too big for their own britches? Some might say so, while others think differently. The online search as well as advertising giant has decided to block Google Ads on websites that offer pirated content, which is seen as a good move by certain quarters in the industry. In fact, copyright holders are able to alert all of the big ad networks (Google included) should their ads happen to make an appearance on sites that have links to pirated content. This particular move is meant to reduce the flow of illicit revenues.

I guess this would mean that copyright holders from the music, film and other creative industries will sit up and take notice, being more vigilant than ever before so that all of the big ad networks will be informed whenever they come across such dubious sites. It is said that pirate sites do have a sizeable turnover from Google and other advertisers simply because millions of users tend to flood to such sites each month. Now if only the end users could be educated to use original software and cease the downloading of pirated movies, this would not be much of an issue any more, would it?

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